Expanse Shopify Theme free download is Possible?

Expanse shopify theme free download

Expanse Shopify Theme is one of the most costly themes for Shopify. it has many e-commerce features that’s why this theme is costly and popular but mostly Shopify developers can’t afford it.

Empire Theme – Supply – Ecommerce Website Template is also available in the market but it is just a template new developers have no knowledge about it how to design this template

Expanse Shopify theme main demos

1. Expanse Shopify Theme Modern Demo Link


2. Expanse Shopify Theme Classic Demo Link


3. Expanse Shopify Theme Contemporary Demo Link


So the question is here how to download it free of cost. it is not possible to download it free but wpshope provides this theme at a very cheap cost. Click on the download button below to check the price

Expanse Shopify Theme Changelog

v2.3.0 – Dec 20, 2021

  • Add search filters
  • Fully support Shopify Product Review app blocks. Remove theme-defined review blocks
  • Do not re-open newsletter popup if optional CTA button is clicked
  • Update collection product count after filter used on mobile
  • Change cart terms and conditions setting to type page
  • Prevent duplicate subcollections showing when duplicated in menu
  • Add price to quick-add form
  • Prevent collection filters breaking if featured collection section added to page
  • Ensure unique ID on quick-shop contact form tabs
  • Use search route when submitting predictive search field
  • Fix MP4 video accessibility inside Flickity slideshow

v2.2.0 – Nov 17, 2021

  • Remove minified JS – new Shopify requirement
  • Add setting to show Shopify Reviews tab open on page load
  • Prevent newsletter popup on password page
  • Fix Photoswipe bug on iOS15
  • Fix bug where sorting doesn’t work if filter is active with a space in the name
  • Fix filtering on vendor collection pages
  • Allow tablets to close navigation by clicking outside of it

v2.1.1 – Oct 20, 2021

  • Prevent vertical scrolling when interacting with slideshows on iOS15
  • Convert FAQ page to JSON+LD structured data

v2.1.0 – Oct 4, 2021

  • Support metafields for custom product tabs and labels
  • Do not update inventory notice when inventory policy is continue
  • Fix quick view description tabs not opening occasionally
  • Update Facebook icon
  • Prevent image set feature from breaking when misspelled in alt tag
  • Add fuzzy search to basic search page
  • Fix mobile filter visibility after selection
  • Fix iOS15 product carousel jank because of Flickity bug

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